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Not only can you read the research behind 'A Germ's Journey' including; research papers, a MESHguide, media coverage and articles but you can also add your own data/observations that you've made whilst using the resources!

The aim of 'A Germ's Journey' project is to raise awareness of health hygiene. Through fun and interactive education we are teaching young children the importance of hand-washing for their own health and well-being. Our mission is to make 'A Germ's Journey' educational resources freely available at-the-point-of-access to children, educators and healthcare workers around the world.

Understanding how the 'A Germ's Journey' educational resources are being used and whether they are successful in their aim is crucial for the team to be able to keep on developing more interactive learning resources.

You can add to our current research findings by filling out a short questionnaire (below) – We really value your honest feedback!

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Media Coverage and Articles

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A Germ’s Journey educational resources is a project centred on teaching young children the importance of health hygiene

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