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The Germ’s Journey multidisciplinary research team consists of a microbiologist, educationalist, psychologists and media specialists. The project offers opportunities to postgraduate students from a range of disciplines.

Team members

Headshot photo of Dr. Katie Laird

Katie Laird

Dr. Katie Laird is a Reader in Microbiology in the School of Pharmacy and Head of the Infectious Disease Research Group at De Montfort University. She has a BSc (Hons) in Biology and obtained a PhD in applied microbiology in 2008.

Headshot photo of Dr. Sarah Younie

Sarah Younie

Dr. Sarah Younie is Professor of Education Innovation at De Montfort University. Prof. Younie has been involved in international and national teaching and research for thirty years. She is a founder member of MESH (Mapping Education Specialist KnowHow) project.

Headshot photo of Dr. Richard Procter

Richard Procter

Dr. Richard Procter is a Lecturer at De Montfort University. His research interests include education, technology and assessment.

Headshot photo of Sapphire Crosby

Sapphire Crosby

Sapphire Crosby has a background in Education and first started working on the project in 2016 whilst completing her MA. She has since has joined the team as a PhD student to work full time on the project.

Headshot photo of Charlie Evans

Charlie Evans

Charlie Evans is a graphic designer, part-time lecturer and DMU alumni. She has been working as part of the team since the beginning of the project back in 2014 as an illustrator and creator, through DMU Frontrunners and has continued working freelance on the project since graduating.

Headshot photo of Charlie Firth

Charlie Firth

Charlie Firth is a BA(Hons) Photography and Video student at De Montfort University. Charlie became part of the project in January 2019 during a trip to India and has since joined the team as the Creative Director, managing media campaigns as well as the Germ’s Journey social media.

You can be a part of the project

You can add to our current research findings by filling out a short questionnaire. We really value your honest feedback.

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