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GermsJourney book cover

A Germs Journey

Follow the journey of a germ from the toilet seat to the tummy (and out again!) Using unique heat-sensitive pages, colourful illustrations and a parent/teacher guide, explore the concepts of germ transfer and the importance of handwashing with young children!

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Front cover of bye bye germs book

Bye Bye Germs

When Jess gets a tickle in her throat, she carries on playing with her toys and her brother Joe. But the tickle soon turns into a big cough and it’s not long before Jess and Joe are both in bed poorly! Brother and sister soon learn that washing their hands will keep the naughty germs at bay.

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A Germ's Journey A Fight Against Resistance Book Cover.jpg

A Germ's Journey : A Fight Against Resistance

This is the moment you've been waiting for ever since you laid your eyes on that letter at your front door. The honour! You've been selected above thousands of other applicants to get this position. A chance to experience more out of life; a chance to make a difference for everyone; a chance to be part of the team combatting antibiotic resistance. Today will be your first day as a trainee agent in the Anti-Bio Squad.

The human body is under attack from evil germ villains and, using their henchmen, they are trying to plague everyone with their illnesses; varying from the common cold to more serious bacterial infections. They must be stopped. It's up to the Anti-Bio Squad to save the day and you're going to help them.

When a boy comes down with some mysterious symptoms, it's up to you to find the clues, catch the right criminal, fend off the bacteria, and prevent them from becoming resistant to all of your weapons (antibiotics). Along the way you will be helped by friends: Agent Max, his dynamic dog, team-mate Georgie, and The D.O.C. However, it's you who decides what path this investigation follows. Do you have what it takes to succeed in the Fight Against Resistance and become a member of the Anti-Bio Squad?

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A Germ’s Journey – A Fight Against Resistance Comic Book

Dive into the microscopic world of germs and join Max and Georgie in the ‘Anti-Bio Squad’ to help them take down the evil bacteria making people sick. In this pathfinder graphic novel, you control the story, you choose how to solve the case, and you help the team fight off the germs and save the day!

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Soaper Stars Box

Soaper Stars Hand-Hygiene Box