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Teach your child the importance of cleanliness

Explore a germ's journey from toilet seat to tummy and learn how to prevent illness through careful hygiene. Teach children the ABC – antecedents, behaviour and consequences. Antecedents are germs in the environment, behaviour is washing hands, and consequence is keeping well.


A Germ’s Journey

Germs are easily removed by washing our hands with soap. Encourage children to wash all the germs away with soap and water, instead of putting their hand in their mouth and making themselves sick.


Find the Germs

Look around the cafe scene and see if your child can identify where all 6 germs might be hiding; by the bin, on the table, etc. Discuss why you should wash your hands after touching certain areas.


Handwashing Song

A fun and catchy song, co-created by A Germ's Journey and Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum.

A Germ's Journey Handwashing Song Lyrics


A Germ's Journey: Pepper and Soap Experiment


A Germ's Journey: Green Paint Experiment


A Germ's Journey: Glow Gel Activity


A Germ's Journey: Draw A Germ


A Germ's Journey: Bye Bye Germs Readthrough


A Germ's Journey: Giant Germs