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7-11 Years (KS2)

Antibiotic resistance is an increasing problem worldwide it is thought by 2050 that many of the antibiotics that we rely on today will no longer be effective. One solution to the problem of antibiotic resistance is increased education on the importance of appropriate use of these drugs. A key age to introduce this concept is between 7- 11 years.

Concepts that children need to understand include; the importance of completing courses of antibiotics, not sharing antibiotics with family members or friends and understanding the difference between a virus and bacteria and when antibiotics are required for treatment of an infection. Understanding the importance of these actions from a young age will help in the fight against antibiotic resistance and preserve current antibiotics for future use. “A Germ’s Journey – A Fight against Resistance educational resources” will teach children the importance of their actions in combatting antibiotic resistance in a fun and interactive way.

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